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In view of the Vigipirate alert attack plan and the state of emergency, the security system of the show is strengthened. All visitors will be subjected to security checks before entering the show. Security officers will carry out a systematic check of bags and personal effects, as well as palpations. Detector checks may also be carried out randomly.

This system is in place for the safety of visitors and may lead to delays in entry. However, we do our utmost to ensure that this delay is minimal. To facilitate the process, please open your coat and bag(s) when your turn arrives. For all useful purposes, we also remind you that you must introduce yourself to security officers with easily identifiable face.

We remind you that only security guards are able to judge whether an object is allowed to enter the fair.

Anyone who refuses to be searched at the entrance by our security agents will be denied access to the RAMMA 2017, even if the latter has an entrance ticket.


We remind you that these rules apply to all visitors without exception, including exhibitors.

Thus, as a security measure, certain identity information will be requested for themselves as well as for all the members of their team and accompanying persons.

Any exhibitor refusing to provide the requested elements will be refused the participation in the fair without indemnities and/or accommodation.

Thank you for your understanding.

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