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We have already been working hard for a year to bring you a beautiful RAMMA next year. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that the expo will not take place in 2021 as planned.

We made the decision to postpone it to October 2023, in order to keep the same periodicity and not to end up at the same time as other major events.

It was not an easy decision to make and we owe you an explanation.

The health situation in France as in Europe (where many exhibitors and visitors come from) is currently totally uncertain and we have no more visibility for next year. We already have to incur costs for the organization and if the expo does not take place, the funding and therefore the very existence of the organizing association would be in jeopardy. We cannot take that risk.

We hope that everyone who responded to our invitation (individuals, clubs and professionals) will understand this decision. The same applies to visitors who had already scheduled their visit.

Regarding more particularly the challenge organized in collaboration with LR Presse, we are renewing it in the same terms for the 2023 edition.

We are naturally optimistic and have no doubt that the world will return to a more normal life sooner or later.

Our enthusiasm and motivation do not weaken and we will make the next RAMMA the party and the meeting that you know, recognize and appreciate!

Take care of yourself,

The RAMMA team

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