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The events of RAMMA 2015
Voie Libre Challenge " The Cross of Narrow "

LR Presse, Voie Libre, and the RAMMA of Sedan launch you a new challenge: the Cross of Narrow.

The challenge? Gather the maximum of layouts H0e (1/87 track 9mm) connected by cross and create a playful network with multiple points of view.

You can follow this challenge on the forum LR Presse.

List of RAMMA 2015 exhibitors not available at the moment
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Loco-Revue Challenge " Trains make their cinema ! "

After the success of previous challenges, Loco-Revue and RAMMA offer a new challenge for the next edition: the challenge cine RAMMA 2015.

The principle is simple: the reproduction of a famous cinema scene on a mini-layout.

The rules are simple and few:

- Functional layout with traffic of rolling stock,
- Representation of a scene or scenes of a French or foreign film (possible representation of a film shoot)
- No scale or imposed gauge,
- A wing can be installed, but limited to half the length of the layout,
- Max layout dimensions : 120cm x 40cm.

To your sketchbooks and meeting to Sedan !

You can follow this challenge on forum LR Presse - Loco Revue.

Here are some parody videos of the event. They are intended as a tribute (not a plagiarism) dreamlike world of cinema 

Century Fox  Universal  MGM  Columbia  Disney Pixar

List of RAMMA 2015 exhibitors not available at the moment
Link to exhibitor's website Location on the exhibition plan Some pictures

10th Anniversary of FDEM
In 2005, on the Loco Revue forum, an idea burst and dig its way. This is to build metric track modules and assemble them at Expométrique.
An interface is created and named FDEM as Cracked Of Narrow and Metric.
Two Belgian answer the call, soon joined by a third. The Belgian section decides to call Saroulmapoul.

After the 2005 exhibition, other people join the group. This time, everyone will make its own layout to Expométrique 2006.
The enthusiasm is such that the group and the modules continue to grow.

In 2015, the call is launched to celebrate 10 years of this concept.
The Belgian will be in full force with no less than 16 modules.
You can count on twenty existing and emerging French modules which will raise the visible part to good forty meters.

The Proto is a model railway power founded in 1966 aiming to exact compliance with the selected scale for tracks, track equipment and railway rolling stock (wheels, couplings ...).
The tracks and rolling stock Proto, because of the standards of fineness and reproduction of real teams, are incompatible with industry standards published by the MOROP in Europe and the USA NMRA.

The PROTO Club exists in France since 12 years old. Proto Conventions, with a dedicated space have already been organized in Europe, notably in Houten in the Netherlands through the perseverance of Dave DOE.
The RAMMA is the first in France to meet the challenge in a space reserved for all those involved in this process: designers individuals, clubs, craftsmen, etc.

The French Club PROTO is glad to be associated with this first. He will present a workshop, a dual module to zero scale(1/43.5) and especially the industrial layout HO (1/87) of "Dock Ceinture" for the first time in its entirety (20 modules)!
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