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Challenge LR Presse 2021 "À la Maison !"

For the 2021 edition, a new challenge is organized in partnership with LR Presse editions.

We offer you to make a diorama or a small railway layout in/on an object that can be found in the house, whether it is a piece of furniture (bedside table, etc.), household or electronic equipment (mini-fridge, television, etc.) or many others (musical instrument, shoe box, etc.).

Only two rules are to be observed:
- Maximum dimensions of 80cm wide and 60cm deep (if there is a backstage, it must not exceed half the width chosen),
- The theme of the layout must have a direct relationship with the support object (cheese dairy on a raclette machine, cold storage in a fridge, etc.).

The scale and track-gauge are at your choice. Treat yourself!

You can register before September 30, 2020.

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