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Over 30 years of this...
The RAMMA is organized by the Club Maquettisme Sedanais of Social Centre Le Lac since 1983. Previously, were organized during five years local exhibitions increasingly popular.
The idea germinated to create a greater exposure. The willingness (but also the difficulty) to present quality models give the periodicity of the event: every two years, the second weekend of October.

Inauguration of first RAMMA in 1983 Remained to find an easily recognizable name, which sounds good and that defines the personality of the expo. At first gathering of model makers eager to meet again compare and exhibit their work, it had become over the years a meeting of friends. The name was found: Appointment of Autumn Modelers and Designers in the Ardennes or RAMMA, which is also found in the pronunciation phonetically panorama, diorama, etc.

In 1983, the first organized RAMMA knows immediately significant success (700m2, 1500 visitors). It is certainly still far from the current numbers in visitors, exhibitors or area but the movement is initiated.
Given this success the exhibition will move several times over the years to address the increasingly large spaces: Marcillet hall 700m2 in the city center, Turenne school marquee of the General Council, tent rental, etc.
1987 sees for the first time the arrival of foreign exhibitors: Germans, Swiss and of course our Belgian neighbors. Over the years, the event will take a clear European color. This is facilitated by the situation of Sedan, European crossroads but it's so rare in France that deserves to be highlighted.
1989, including the creation of a pool of 20m x 7m boat.
1995, RAMMA moving! With the lack of space and recurrent frustration of both visitors and exhibitors refused, a vast space is appended: the sports complex Jean Rogissart. We go from 3,000 to 6,000m2! The complex includes a bowling alley, tennis courts, and a two gymnasiums.
Steam-train at RAMMA in 1995 The number of visitors and exhibitors explodes.
2003 saw the emergence of cars and radio controlled aircraft through partnerships forged with local clubs.

Regional and national, the event has now become international.
More than 10 European countries are represented among the exhibitors. An important part of the 10,000 visitors came from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
RAMMA has ever experienced such coverage in specialized media. All hail the size and quality.
In 2013 the RAMMA blew his thirty candles, younger than ever and with plenty of projects in mind for the next thirty years!
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