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Armes de la ville de Sedan Theater of important events in the history of France, discover the host city of RAMMA.

Sedan, city in north-east of France, is located in Champagne-Ardennes, in the Ardennes department which it is the sub-prefecture. It is in a green, on the course of the Meuse it will take birth.

Legend has it that the hermit Germain Sedanus have founded Sedan in 280 BC. and written mention of the name of Sedan in a legal act enacted in 997 by Holy Roman Emperor Otto III. But the history of Sedan truly began in the fifteenth century. Its origin is due unifying two villages, Le Villers, village Merovingian and Le Mesnil, Capetian village.

In 1424, the Princes de la Marck purchased the Sedanaises land to build a castle. It was modified several times and became the only stronghold in Europe never be dropped before an attacker.
Chateau Fort de Sedan
The construction of this castle attracted a growing number of workers and encouraged the birth of a village. Sedan, independent Principality still fought for the Kingdom of France. In 1485, the siege of Sedan by the armies of Archduke Maximilian avoided an invasion of France.

The independence of the Principality was officially recognized by France in the sixteenth century. With the advent of Protestantism, Sedan became a Protestant place between Catholic isolated cities, it was nicknamed "Little Genêve." The sixteenth and the seventeenth century was the golden age of Sedan.

But the independence of Sedan was going to be challenged by the Duke of Guise. It invades the region of Sedan and sacked, though he did not take Sedan. Douzy, which had settled Guise was resumed and militias delayed until Vouziers. Sovereignty was then provided by Charlotte, the only survivor of the dynasty of princes of the Marck. Religious wars had resulted in the change of dynasty, the Tower, brought to Sedan by Henry IV and also Protestants, ensured the continuity and continued the pro-French policy. Henri de la Tour, entered the service of the King and was one of the most brilliant military leader at the service of the French king.

Subsequently, Sedan lost its independence in 1642, as soon as the heir is converted to Catholicism. Conflict with France, he was afraid and gave Sedan in exchange for his live.

Sedan was the last acquisition of Richelieu. It was Mazarin who entered Sedan. The prefect Fabert kept the chandelier Sedan and had respect by France, the Sedanaises freedoms.

It was under the reign of Louis XIV that the cloth industry took off. Under Louis XV, there were more than 200 fine linens trades and royal factory. The Princes converted gradually declared the two cults, Protestantism and Catholicism, equal. Cour de l'ancienne manufacture royal du Dijonval

In 1560, the population reached 5,000 inhabitants of Sedan.

After the Revolution, France forsook the area and it was going to live very dark times.

Hitherto untouched by invasions, Sedanaise the region will experience over the next 3 Wars routs that will make her famous throughout history.

In 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War, it was the scene of the Battle of Sedan, which saw the French defeat and opened France to the German invasion.

In August 1914, at the beginning of the First World War, the city was taken by the Germans and then issued by US troops in November 1918.

During World War II, the Sedan resolve to lower the flag. Yet Petain had declared in 1934: "From Montmédy, there the Ardennes forest, they are stunning if one is special accommodations [...] If the enemy is committed, it repincera it to the output of forests. So the place is not dangerous. ".
The Panzer Group controlled by Von Kleist and comprises five divisions would nevertheless lead to the Meuse on 12 May.
Despite the great resistance of the Second Army to Stonne, Beaumont and Mont-Dieu, a gap of 90 km was opened around Sedan in the French system, in only five days.
The French paid dearly strategic and technical errors of their staff, forcing them to surrender.

The stronghold will be decreased to 3 times so that before she was stunning.

Today the cloth disappeared industry but Sedan remains synonymous with luxury in many areas where it was once present, including automotive, boating. The rebirth of the football club CSSA allows to speak about the City.

Near the forest of the Ardennes and near the Meuse Sedan offers a splendid setting for all nature lovers.
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